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Who, Where, When, What is Publicly Confidential?

The idea behind Publicly Confidential is a ”Safe Place”.

What does that mean exactly?

When I was about 11/12 years old I had created this Instagram account back when Instagram had JUST become a thing. It was more of a recovery/safe place for me to vent about anything going on in my life at the time. Kudos to my very first counselor for the idea (Ms Sarah Withtheweirdlastname as she liked to be called). This instagram account had really paved the way for my recovery and I had no idea. Being so transparent and honest about the things I was going through was something a lot of people admired about me.

Long story, short.

This Instagram account turned into a blog. I created my own website and everything! I spoke on all types of topics, fashion (which I know nothing about), dogs (which I like to say I know everything about but in all honesty Michelle is on speed dial within the few seconds my dog eats an entire chicken leg, eats a whole bag of M&M’s, or his chest flares up into flaming red hives...). I spoke on all topics and it became an advice column. It was an incredible “Safe Place” that anybody could enjoy!

Now, who remembers KIK? Anybody??

KIK was in instant messaging app that allowed you to connect with others through a unique username and have a private conversation. This, is where I met my best friend, Shayla. That’ll be a story for another day though. *Side note: comment below if you‘d like to hear that story* Anyway, I would give my KIK out to certain people that needed help, or just a friend to listen. From panic attacks, to winning spelling bees, getting through test anxiety, gymnastics championships, food recipes, mental health, I mean you name it, and I’d talk to you all hours of the night to ensure you made it through the night.

I did mention I was 11/12, right?

I’ve always been described as an ‘old soul’ which I used to hate because despite my age, nobody thought an 11/12 year old could be carrying the weight of so many other people. I even had my grown adult cousin coming to me for advice. I absolutely loved helping others and making others happy even if I was struggling myself (That’s where my best friend Shayla comes into play, but again, we’ll save that for another day).

With all this being said...

...what’s next?

I want to bring back a safe place. A place where literally anybody can come to and talk about any and everything. Are you into fashion, resin making, sewing, painting, crystals, fragrances, organizing, RC cars, drifting, traveling, dogs, cats, horses, country living, minimalist living, do you collect things? I want you to be able to find your group of people and CONNECT!

Social media is both a blessing and a curse depending on how you look at it! With my background in social media I have always used it as an outlet. Whether that be my creative outlet or whatever else. And now I want to come back and share this outlet with you guys! Social media has been a true blessing to me and I want others to experience the exact same thing and more! Clearly this is something I am very passionate about and I hope that I can share my passion with you and walk with you on your journey through this crazy thing called life we all get a shot at.

Well this concludes todays post, let me know in the comments or through an email what else you’d like me to speak on, post about, etc! My goal is for this to be a safe place for everyone, so before you leave this post, comment something positive, happy, or introduce yourself in the comments. Maybe leave your Instagram, Twitter, etc below along with a few other fun facts about yourself so we can start connecting with like minded people!

Talk to you all soon,


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