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This Feels Weird...

Updated: May 26, 2023

Anybody else just not knowing how to feel going into 2021? It’s crazy to even type that. You know, the fact that we all survived 2020? The year of the pandemic. How is it that all the other countries were able to handle this virus and then you get to the United States and we look like toddlers facing this thing with a fresh booger on our fingers because we weren’t paying attention to a dang thing! For me, the new year is all about resolutions, coming in fresh with a bunch of energy ready to conquer the incoming year like no other. But this year just feels so different. I dont know if its my lack of energy, the lack of stability in my life currently, my current mindset, I’m truly not sure.

However, one thing I am looking forward to is the great trips we have planned with ROAM4LO this year which is really the only constant that I’m excited for. The trips are ALWAYS incredible. My favorite part would definitely have to be meeting new people EVERY. SINGLE. TIME we go out on a new trip!

The introvert that I am, cannot stand to meet new people, but there’s something about meeting people that are just as invested (if not more) into the same hobby! I could talk for HOURS getting to know every single new person and their rig around the campfire. There’s something pretty cool about talking to someone you’ve never met before. From the things they choose to tell you, why they decided to tell you that their dog can skateboard or that they’ve never been on a guided tour before. I love psychology and I think thats what I love most about these adventures, seeing how everyone works together to get over each obstacle, the people that have no idea what they’re doing (that would be me), and the tour guides, Matt, Caley, Austin, and Flatbed Austin! Matt is knowledgeable about everything and anything off-roading and drifting (basically anything car related, he’s got you. Caley, is a social butterfly, strong willed, and adventurous. Matt and Caley are married and have two incredible pups Hunter and Track.

The above picture is Caley in their rig cruising along the beach in Cape Lookout, NC

Mountains to Sea 2020 was a trip to remember. Absolutely breathtaking island off of the coast of The Outer Banks, NC. Down at the south side of the island we all met up to regroup and set up camp for the night. When we woke up, this was the view.

Berklie loves off-roading. From sticking his head out the window for almost an entire ride (minus the parts where we need to roll up the windows so we dont get swallowed by mud. iykyk) Berklie is just like his Mama and loves the adventure, fresh air, and meeting all the new dogs on every trip!

When I first met Austin he took me an hour and a half into North Georgia to an easier off-roading area called “Charlies Creek”. You could say I was a bit too excited considering I willingly allowed a man who was practically a stranger at that point, haul me off into the Norht Georgia forests! Only about 10% of me was nervous, the other part of me was just killing for a new adventure. Off-roading is something I’ve never done before and if anyone knows me, I LOVE doing things I’ve never done before. Anyone else this way? Well, about 2 hours into the ride my free spirited self was standing on his center console waving my arms out of his sunroof without a care in the world. After the break up I had just gone through, needless to say this was a breathe of fresh air (no pun intended).

2021 I’m going to be focusing on me.


When I think of me, I think of community, kindness, adventure, stubborn, independent, things of that nature. Which is why my presence on the blog is going to be almost in a journal format. I want to look back years later and see what I was up to, who I was interacting with, what my priorities were, etc. Writing is a safe place for me and I’m thankful I finally got the blog up and running. Nothing makes me happier than doing things that I am genuinely excited to do.

I will talk to you all later.



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